Saturday, June 16, 2018

Writing Projects Update

The Withering officially has reached its goal (my goal) of 50 poems!  It has 4 sections; Nature, Supernatural, Psychological Horror, and Body/Gore Horror.

Supernatural- 21
Psychological- 17
Body- 7

It is currently halfway edited and the Afterword is finished.  I am still contemplating putting endnotes with random facts about certain poems, but I'm trying to decide if I'm the only one who'll care lol.

Diary of a Vampyress is shaping up nicely.  It currently has 40 poems with 6 of those poems being translations!  It currently has 8 sections with the 8th section having the translations.  5 poems are translated into Hungarian and the 6th is translated into French.  All 6 poems have been published (5 are in DoaS and the 6th is in DoaV), so I'm debating pairing the English versions with them.  I'm leaning with not pairing them.  I really don't want reprints in DoaV.

My goal is to have around 80 poems in DoaV (halfway there!) and filled with as many Gothic tropes as possible. 

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