Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Test Patterns: Creature Features Table of Contents

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Test Patterns: Creature Features

Table of Contents

1. Danger Slaterr-Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster
2. Cody Goodfellow-The Greedy Grave
3. Erica Ruppert-Pretty in the Dark
4. Robert Guffey-The Eye Doctor
5. Alistair Rey-Regeneration
6. Farah Rose Smith-In the Room of Red Night
7. James Fallweather-Little House in the Suburbs
8. Ashley Dioses-Amadis the Enchantress
9. James Russell-Spirit of Place
10. John Paul Fitch-Signals
11. Brenda Kezar-From Little Acorns Grow
12. Sam L Edwards-With All Her Troubles Behind Her
13. Debra Robinson-Chaos and Void
14. Calvin Demmer-The River Ran Red
15. Kurt Fawver-Extinction In Green
16.Aaron French-Chosen
17. Duane Pesice-Bone Sequence
18. Buzz Dixon-The Bride of the Astounding Gigantic Monster
19. Natasha Smith-Underground Rose
20. Orrin Grey-The Pepys Lake Monster
21. Jill Hand-The Bride of Castle Frankenstein
22. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy-No More Iron Cross
23. Dominique Lamssies-Admitted Inhabitants
24. Daniel Brock-Bitter Waters
25. Lana Cooper-Mrs. Doogan
26. John Linwood Grant-For Whom There is No Journey
27. John Claude Smith-Normal
28. Aksel Dadswell-Something Hungrier Than Love
29. Jeffrey Thomas-E

art by Yves Tourigny

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