Wednesday, August 1, 2018


I had a very telling dream a few weeks ago.

In my dream, I got an email from Amazon apologizing about forgetting to ship a book with my entire order last time and they want to know if they should ship it now or together with another recent order I just placed.

The only thing is, I never ordered this book but apparently was charged $14 or $15 for it. It totally looked like a book I would've bought and in fact, had a similar black and red cover of the book I just received. Each book was an occult book and this one, in particular, I remember most of the title and the author was supposed to have been Eliphas Levi.

Upon waking, I looked everywhere online to try to find this book or even a book like it because that book, if it existed, would be an awesome book to have in my occult library. I have found nothing even close.

I have taken this dream as a sign to write this book myself.

And then a few nights afterward, as I'm reading a book, I get to a section that slaps me right in the face as research for this dream book. Pieces of information that I wanted to cover in this book.
Note that I started reading this book *before* my dream but this section, which was the only part in the book I've read so far, came after I had my dream.

I think this is another clue/hint/sign to write this.

I'm not going to currently state what this book is about because it's a highly controversial subject, which is probably why there is no book already on it.

So, lately, I have been very busy reading, researching, and taking notes for this nonfiction/occult piece.  I am really passionate about it; I just hope I don't burn out.

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