Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Year's Best Horror Volume Seven!

So I ordered the Year's Best Horror Volume Seven edited by Ellen Datlow from B&N and I basically rushed to the store, with Kyle, when they called me saying it was in.  I flipped to the Honorable Mentions and saw....that I was not in it.  My heart sank.  It appeared to be shorter than the list on Ellen's website.  So I started flipping through it and saw the summations and my heart sank and rose until I finally found my name on page xxxix under the Poetry Journals, Webzines, and Chapbooks section.

"Spectral Realms edited by S. T. Joshi, is a new journal being published twice a year.  In addition to being a venue for dark and weird poetry--new and classic--the journal includes reviews and essays.  The first year had good dark poetry by Ian Futter, Ashley Dioses, and Ann K. Schwader."

I died and almost cried, but not really.  Maybe.

I am so honored to be mentioned in this book.  Horror has always been my favorite genre and to be mentioned in the Year's Best Horror volume leaves me speechless.  And to add a cherry on top, Spectral Realms was my first foot through the door in really getting published and really getting noticed.  Before that, I had been in free amateur ezines and barely, at that.  I was not in company such as S. T. Joshi, Jason V Brock, Ann K. Schwader, Wilum Pugmire, Bruce Boston, and others.  I owe Spectral Realms for leading me to where I am today and in knowing so many wonderful authors who share my passion for the dark weird world of poetry.      

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