Thursday, October 15, 2015

Poetry Reading/Book Release at Totem Coffee

So many exciting things are happening right now it's insane.  Kyle and I got invited by Darin Coelho Spring to attend a poetry reading at Totem Coffee in Plaerville.  He offered us to stay at his house since we live quite a ways from there.  The poetry reading is for the release of a poetry collection called Dreamland Review which features many poets from Placerville and other of the nearby foothill locations.  We agreed because Darin also wants to interview Kyle again for the Clark Ashton Smith documentary for he is also planning on interviewing Frederick J. Mayer during that time.  This gives us an awesome opportunity to finally meet Frederick and see Donald Sidney-Fryer again.  We have also been promised to get the tour of the CAS haunts of where he lived and such.  Darin has also asked us to read a few poems ourselves at the event, which is awesome but totally terrifying.  I get nervous and often stumble on words and lines when reading poetry.  I have to do my poetry recordings a million times before they're ready.  This event will also be filmed, so that doesn't help.

Kyle and I have been planning our trip and we plan to see the Winchester Mystery House (Kyle has never been and I've only been there once when I was 12) and Copperfield's Books which, I believe, Ross E. Lockhart works.  He's always posting books with his adorable dog from there and it looks a super freakin cool bookstore.  I met him once at the 5th HPLFF and was really cool.  Anyway this looks like an extremely fun trip that I can't wait to embark on.  Oh!  I almost forgot, the poetry reading event is on the 24th from 5-7 pm.  Please come join us if you're in the area!  I plan to read Carathis, Lover's Witch, and Witch's Love but Carathis is a tad intimidating to read (especially since I get nervous) so I must practice that a million times beforehand.  Kyle will be reading from the Crimson Tome and will also bring some copies to sell to those interested.  This will be fun so I hope to see you there!

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