Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Winchester Mystery House

The first stop on our long journey to Placerville was the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.  I went there only once when I was 12 years old and Kyle had never been there before.  We went on the Grand Estate tour which included two tours.  The first tour took us all through the house and the second tour took us through the grounds and into the basement.  The Winchester Mystery House ranks as #21 on the 100 Most Scariest Places to See Real Ghosts.  A famous ghost talked about is a ghost called Clyde who used to work on the grounds.  He can be seen pushing a wheel barrel of coal in the basement we visited and in the carriage room.  He apparently waves and talks to you and you wouldn't know he's a ghost until he fades or walks through a wall.

The grounds were beautiful.  So was the house and we greatly enjoyed the Halloween decor everywhere.  We came during the perfect season.

(the Door to Nowhere can be seen here.)

(The Door to Nowhere is a door that leads straight to a two story drop.)


The séance room was awesome and decorated with Tarot cards.  So, fittingly, in the gift shop I took home a beautiful spirit board, also known as a ouija board.

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