Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Poem Acceptances!

My poem, Morning's Moon, has been accepted by the Literary Hatchet by Pear Tree Press and is to be published in the next issue.  My poem, Ligeia, first published in Spectral Realms No. 2 by Hippocampus Press, will appear in the May issue of Bloodbond by Alban Lake.  My poems, Lover’s Witch (Weird Fiction Review #5 by Centipede Press), Witch’s Love (Spectral Realms No. 2 by Hippocampus Press), and Ligeia (Spectral Realms No. 2 by Hippocampus Press) have been accepted for Season of the Witch by J. Ellington Ashton Press which is due to be published in August.

I am a sucker for witch themed anthologies.  I submitted a story to Wax & Wane: A Coven of Witch Tales by Nosetouch Press but was rejected.  They weren't taking any poetry for it, unfortunately.

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