Thursday, December 17, 2015

Weird Fiction Review #7 and Spectral Realms No. 5 Poem Acceptances

I missed the deadline for this upcoming issue of Weird Fiction Review by Centipede Press, which says it's shipping out this month, so I decided to get on top of the next one by sending something in early.  The WFR only gets published once a year and usually comes out in December/January but it fills up fast, as I've come to realize.  I queried about sending poetry for this current issue in July and it was already full.  Even though the wait is long, it's worth it.  I loved reading the one I'm in, No. 5, and I look forward to stealing Kyle's when he gets his contributor's copy of this issue.

My poem accepted for WFR #7 is called, Nitokris, and is based on the ghoul queen from H. P. Lovecraft's Under the Pyramids.  It is another poem in my femme fatale series and follows the 36 line structure that you can see in my poems Carathis (Spectral Realms No. 1 by Hippocampus Press), Ligeia (Spectral Realms No. 2 by Hippocampus Press), Mircalla (Gothic Blue Book V: The Cursed Edition by Burial Day Books), and Ilvaa (Spectral Realms No. 4 by Hippocampus Press).

While I decided to get into WFR early, I thought that I might as well submit something for Spectral Realms No. 5.  I sent S. T. my poem, Ever Fair, which is a small poem of 8 lines, that describes the joy of turning a body into....  ;)  

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