Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Reflection on 2015

Now that 2015 is coming to a close, I can say that it has been a great year in writing!  I've had 27 poems and 1 awesome essay published this year.  That beats the combined total of work I've published in the last 4 years.  From 2011, the year I was first published, to 2014, I've had 21 poems and 3 short stories published.  Insane!  Hopefully in 2016 I can beat this year's total.

Other achievements of note include getting onto Ellen Datlow's recommended reading list for my poem Carathis and attending my first HWA L. A. Chapter meeting with Kyle and becoming a member at Supporting level soon after, in September.  As of this renewal, I have made the Affiliate level.

(HPLFF 2014)

(WesterCon 2015)

(L. A. Times Festival of Books with Leslie Klinger 2015)

(Vintage Paperback Show after-party with Jason and Sunni Brock and Peter Atkins)


(Friends and Fans!)

(Poetry Reading)
Kyle and I also started attending cons and other events, including the 5th annual H. P. Lovecraft Film Fest in San Pedro, WesterCon in San Diego, the L. A. Times Festival of Books, and the Vintage Paperback Show in Glendale.  We had a lot of fun meeting authors, making friends and fans, and getting books signed!  Kyle and I were also invited to read poetry (me for the first time!) in Placerville, CA.

Other cool things include interviews!  Kyle and I have been interviewed twice this year!  One was for a forthcoming Clark Ashton Smith documentary and the other was an online interview on the Weird genre.  That's insane, I still can't even believe that.  I even signed my first autograph this year which is way cool.

Next year already promises more awesome events.  Kyle and I will be signing at Dark Delicacies on Sunday, January 10th from 2pm-4pm for the Winter Horror Days anthology, we plan on having our own signing at Rad Coffee in Upland sometime in February, we will be vendors at the HPLFF in San Pedro in April, I believe, and we will be attending the StokerCon in May in Las Vegas.  

P.S. I forgot to add that since joining the HWA, I've had a poetry article in the Blood & Spades section for December and have been in all the Fiendish Endeavors since I joined!  How awesome is that?

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