Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Copy of the Literary Hatchet #13 Arrived

Unfortunately, the Literary Hatchet doesn't give out cc's and I never heard back when I queried about getting an author's discount, so I just bought my copy.  You can read the whole issue for free on their site but I like my physical books.  This is a pretty hefty volume yet the ToC is strangely formatted which makes it hard to locate certain pieces in there.  Overall, this looks like a cool book and I look forward to reading it.  Also I love the background they chose for my poem!  You can check out the pdf and/or buy a physical copy here.


  1. I enjoyed Morning's Moon, Ashley. You've created atmosphere in just a few words. I'm a fellow contributor to the issue. My tale is called Milk.

    1. Thank you, Cameron. I have not yet read the issue so I will look out for your story when I do.