Thursday, January 28, 2016

Poem Acceptances

My poem, Witch Lord of the Hunt, has been accepted by Eternal Haunted Summer for their Spring issue, not sure when it will be up.  Eternal Haunted Summer is a Pagan oriented ezine that deals with stories and poems that have different deities from different pantheons in them.  My poem isn't specific on which Lord of the Hunt it could be, but either Cernunnos or Herne seem fitting to me.

Two of my poems, The Glass Vial and My Corpse, My Groom, will be in the very first issue of a new Weird journal called The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy edited by Obadiah Baird.  It is scheduled to be out in April.  I am really stoked about this new journal.  We can always use more Weird journals and magazines and publications.

My poem, Dark Poet of My Heart, will be published in the next Spectral Realms issue, alongside my other poem, Ever Fair.  If you own or have read The Crimson Tome by the handsome K. A. Opperman, you will see its companion, appropriately titled, Dark Poetess of My Heart.  Read them together when Spectral Realms No. 5 comes out in the summer, I'm sure it will be a treat.

That makes a total of 5 acceptances (including Goetia) and 29 rejections this month alone!  Whoopee!  I'm not bothered, it's just interesting to see that it seems like everyone finally got around to replying to me this month.


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