Thursday, December 15, 2016

Holy Day of Saint Lucy (Luciadagen)

On Tuesday, Dec. 13th, Kyle and I celebrated Luciadagen by baking lussikatter or Lussi Cats.  Lussikatter are buns usually made with saffron, wheat dough, and currants.  I don't like currants so we used cranberries instead.  They are then made into cat faces or into S shapes which represents the body of the cat.

(Before baking)


Saint Lucia is a complex figure with a multifaceted history. A bringer of light (in the form of a crown of candles) on the erstwhile darkest night of the year (according to the old calendar), she is sometimes called a witch, a leader of the Wild Hunt, and even has ties to Lilith and is a consort of Lucifer. The Luminous Stone edited by Michael Howard and Daniel A. Schulke, a book of essays on Lucifer in witchcraft, touches on Saint Lucy or Lucia and her ties to these matters.

(Kyle made Isthar and a goat [right] and I made a stag without eyes at first.)

(I decided to add the eyes.)

I also made three offerings of lussikatter in the shapes of two ravens and a stag head for my two patrons the Morrigan and Odin and then to Cernunnos for this time of year. 

(We got the recipe out of this book.)


(So I only had a rooster cookie cutter so I tried to form two of them into ravens.)

(Here are the two ravens and stag on my altar.)

(Close up.)

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