Saturday, September 2, 2017

Feverish Fiction #6 by Sleazy Viking Press

My long anticipated copy of Feverish Fiction #6 by Sleazy Viking Press arrived and sadly, it is the last of the series.  With art by the amazing Muratis Boswel, this issue ends with a bang of art, prose, and of course, poetry.

This is the final issue of Feverish Fiction Magazine.

* 44 pages - full color on 140 gram cyclus paper
* Previously unpublished original flash fiction stories and poetry
* Underground art
* May issue #6 includes:

"The Lich-Queen" by Scott Couturier
Art feature: Hannah Haddix
Last House on Splattergore Avenue by Alex S. Johnson
Art feature: Paul Boswel
Aleena the Pitiful She-Devil [part two] by Lucas Mangum
Fire Sprite by Ashley Dioses
Don't Go In There by John Wayne Comunale
Art feature: Terry Bizarro
Winter Baskets by Zeb Carter
To His Anything-But-Coy Mistress by Frank Coffman
Absolution by M.F. Wahl
+ a bunch of boobs and pinups!

(If you want to see what the rest of this feisty fire sprite looks like, get this amazing issue!)

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