Wednesday, September 13, 2017

XNOYBIS #3: In Praise of Pan by Dunhams Manor Press

I have been waiting for this journal for over a year and the wait is finally over!  My copy of Xnoybis #3: In Praise of Pan by Dunhams Manor Press has finally arrived and oh is it beautiful!?  My poem, Panic, can be found within it's pages.  This is one of the most...explicit poems I've written, but how could it not be?  We are talking about Pan here...

Approx. 50 pages
Limited to 100 copies

The third issue of XNOYBIS.. a themed issue.. IN PRAISE OF PAN!

Panic by Ashely Dioses (Poem)
Black Goat Rising by DJ Tyrer
Lost in Arcadia by C.M. Muller
Flat Ice Drifting to the Second-Innermost by Matt Leyshon
Panic Moon by Jonas Moth
Ye Yellow’d Reed by Adam Bolivar (Poem)
and the Poe Bug column by Selena Chambers.

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