Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Review of Test Patterns edited by Duane Pesice from Planet X Publications (2017)

Test Patterns edited by Duane Pesice from Planet X Publications (2017) is reviewed by Des Lewis on his blog.

Introduction- Michael Adams
Stories and poetry from Matthew M. Bartlett, Philip Fracassi, Cody Goodfellow, Joe Pulver, Rob F Martin, Sean M. Thompson, Jill Hand, Sarah Walker, Brian O'Connell, Russell Smeaton, Frederick J. Mayer, K. A. Opperman and Ashley Dioses.

Here is what he had to say on my poem, Hands of Chaos.

I'm not exactly sure what is being said here (except that he didn't like my spelling of 'fae') and whether or not this is a positive review. *shrugs*

I have not yet received my contributor's copy so full ToC will be posted then.
Edit- Full ToC

Table of Contents:

“The Woman in the Forge of Saturday Night” by Joe Pulver
“Evidence of Absence” by Scott Graves
“I Am Become Death” by William Tea
“The Judge” by Philip Fracassi
“The Snake Beneath My Skin” by Sarah Walker
“The Hands of Chaos” by Ashley Dioses
“The Nomenclature of Unnamable Horrors” by Peter Rawlik
“Golden Girl” by S.L. Edwards
“Scenes From a Forgotten Diorama” by Brian O’Connell
“You Can’t Go Wrong with Grass-Fed Beef” by Jill Hand
“Abettor” by Ruth Asch
“Work Group” by Pete Carter
“The Cliffside Tavern” by Sean M. Thompson
“One Evening in Whitbridge” by Scott Thomas
“The Velveteen Volvo” by Nathan Carson
“Outre Non-Limitations” by Frederick J. Mayer
“The Kumiho Question” by Frederick J. Mayer
“I’ve Lived in This Place a Long Time” by Can Wiggins
“The White Terror” by Frank Coffman
“Symptom of the Universe” by John Claude Smith
“Sustenance of the Stars” by Scott J. Couturier
“Alien Shore” by Rob Martin
“Ye Hermit’s Lay” by Adam Bolivar
“Bridge” by Don Webb
“Balls” by Russell Smeaton
“Call Me Corey” by Matthew M. Bartlett
“Hero Mother” by Cody Goodfellow
“Red-Eye” by Mark Rainey
“Séance” by K.A. Opperman
“Looking for Ghosts” by Duane Pesice


  1. Your contributors copies should be delivered tomorrow!

  2. Excellent. You should post the full ToC on Amazon as well.