Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Copy of Beyond the Cosmic Veil Arrived!

My copy of Beyond the Cosmic Veil from Barbwire Butterfly Books arrived today!  I am hoping the cover will grow on me for it is not doing anything for me currently.  I think it's the digital art that's turning me off.  And it lacks mystery, everything is revealed there and I'm not just talking about the half naked lady.  Cthulhu is there for all to see.  It kind of defeats the allure of him.  I much preferred Joas Dale Miller's artwork which, thankfully, is on the back cover.

I thought this was an all poetry anthology but it looks like there are a few stories in it.  I look forward to reading those.  I have two short poems in this and they each have their own page, which is fine, but the poems seem to me, too small.  There's a huge blank page and then a tiny poem in the middle of the page.  My mom disagrees and says that it is the focus point of the page.  Sure, if you squint.  Maybe it's just me or maybe I should've written longer poems for this anthology.



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