Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WesterCon Weekend

Kyle and I arrived in San Diego on Saturday and went straight to the con.  We attended a workshop called Writer's Workshop: From a Prepared Text with Steven-Elliot Altman and Denise Dumars.  We listened to writers read part of a story they wrote and listened to it get critiqued.  Kyle was bored and didn't bring a story.  I brought a story but we were running late, so me and another writer were taken outside to continue there.  It was helpful.  Then after the workshop we went to Denise's room to look at her oils she made from New Orleans recipes.  It was really cool and I got two lovely oils I am excited to use.

After that, we checked out the dealers room and picked up some awesome things.  I got a Labyrinth poster and a Halloween Oracle deck.  I also got more autographs from Bill Nolan and Dennis Etchison and bought A Little Black Book of Horror Tales by Etchison.  We then ran into Cody Goodfellow and Pete Atkins and chatted with them a bit.

We checked in the hotel and came back around 5 in time for Uncle Forry's Ackermansions (2014), a documentary by Tom Khamis which was very fun to watch.  After that we ate dinner and then hung out at Bill's suite with the Brock's, Etchison, and a few others that stopped by.  We drank rum and Coke and had fascinating conversations.

Sunday we went to an Irish restaurant where Kyle tried Absinthe for the first time.  He actually liked it.  He actually likes black licorice.

After lunch we went back to the con and caught the 3pm panel Lovecraft's Heirs: How Did They Change His Concept of the Universe? with David Agranoff, Steven-Elliot Altman, Denise Dumars, Cody Goodfellow, and Jenna M. Pitman.  Then we hung out with the Brocks, Bill, Dennis and his wife, Kris.  Jason offered to edit my story I brought for the workshop and he did a little bit of it and explained his critique.

Kyle and I then left for our ghost touring experiences in Old Town.  We went of the haunted trolley tour first and then the haunted walking tour.  We caught some awesome orb pictures and I caught a picture of a strange girl that I can't tell is part of our group or statue but there were no children in ou group and neither were any statutes in the graveyard.

Monday we went back to Old Town and visited the Whaley House before we headed home. 

Here are some goodies.


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