Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Supernatural from Horrified Press (Full Moon Books) Table of Contents

Full Moon Books presents… Supernatural

Every Second Counts or Moment by Moment – By Marie Calhoun
The Windows – By T.C. Bennett
One For the Road – By Peter Indianna
The Revenants – By Joseph Rubas
Watery Haunts – By Olivia Arieti
The Contract – By Joseph J. Patchen
Morning’s Moon – By Ashley Dioses
By Lunar Light – By Glen Damien Campbell
The Dead Kings Bones , The Rejection Of Monsters – By Matthew Wilson
Under a Sea of Stars – By Douglas Draa
Indian Summer – By Douglas Draa
Yes Virginia – By Douglas Draa
Evil Drops – By Olivia Arieti
Mommy – By Rie Sheridan Rose
The Wayside Hotel – By Olivia Arieti
The Montage – By E.W. Farnsworth
Forcing the Bar at Maracaibo – By Vincent Morgan
Dark Legion – By Toneye Eyenot
The Crypt Back of the Asylum – By E.W. Farnsworth
Sektet Boats at the Poles – By E.W. Farnsworth
I Watched – By Anthony A. Labriola

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