Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Book Review- Aubrey Beardsley and the Yellow Book by William Randolph Hearst

I didn't know much about the Yellow Book or the fact that it wasn't even a book, but a magazine, and decided to look into it after I was invited to write for 'an Aubrey Beardsleyesque collection of poems themed from the mythos of the King In Yellow.'  I have greatly enjoyed the King in Yellow stories and was excited to be given this opportunity.  So I ordered the most popular book that had to do with the Yellow Book and Beardsley and came across this reprinted volume.  It contains Beardsley's illustrations which are quite a treat to look at as well as a brief history of the Yellow Book and Beardsley's work before he was let go.  It also talks a little about certain issues of the magazine and lists the contributors.  It's a very fascinating little gem.



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